Chatting with Correspondent Lee Cowan for a  special edition of  CBS Sunday Morning

Chatting with Correspondent Lee Cowan for a special edition of CBS Sunday Morning


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Insights: Adding Elaine Bass’s Credit Back In
Communication Arts, December 19, 2017

In the age of streaming TV, who needs title sequences?
The Verge, Lance Richardson, July 5, 2017

Why TV Titles Have Become So Damn Good
GQ Australia, June 27, 2017

Openingstitels van tv-series zijn een kunstvorm op zich
NRC Handelsblad, Hans Klis, June 12, 2017

American Gods, Westworld and more have helped to redefine art on television
Polygon, Julia Alexander, April 24, 2017

How TV Opening Titles Got to Be So Damn Good
WIRED, Jason Tanz, March 23, 2017

CBS Sunday Morning: Giving credit — The creators of movie title sequences
CBS News, February 26, 2017

‘Game of Thrones’ and the Era of Elaborate Opening Titles
The New York Times, Daniel Victor, April 25, 2016

Design Talk with Lola Landekic
Bannersnack, November 2, 2015

Illustrator Lola Landekic on designing Lynn Crosbie’s Cobain–inspired book cover
Quill & Quire, Sue Carter, May 4, 2015

Welcome to the show
Creative Review, Mark Sinclair, March 1, 2015

How to Illustrate for Magazines and Why You Should Draw Everyday
Shutterstock, Alexander Huls, December 17, 2014

5 Questions for 100 Designers
June 27, 2014

Appetizer-only dinner is a six-course flop
The Toronto Star, Corey Mintz, February 13, 2014

TV Title Fight: Short vs Long
Why Girls, Bates Motel and New Girl are going with minimal title sequences

Maclean's, Jaime Weinman, January 15, 2013


Review: Dim the Fluorescents is a hilarious and poignant jaunt through the creative process
The Globe and Mail, December 8, 2017

Review: The Star’s take on the nativity of Jesus is mildly amusing but mostly boring
The Globe and Mail, November 16, 2017


podcasts and radio

The MatineeCast, Episode 197: A Quiet Place
A discussion of film, title sequence design, and John Krasinski's A Quiet Place with Ryan McNeil
April 9, 2018

Let's Scare Matthew Price to Death:
American Psycho, with Lola Landekic

A discussion of Mary Harron's classic American Psycho with Matthew Price
December 10, 2017

Working File, Episode 15: Listener Questions
Answering listener questions about agencies, graphic design, and education with Kara Haupt
June 13, 2017

Working File, Episode 4: Making Something That's Missing
Talking side projects and making things, with Kristy Tillman
January 10, 2017

The Cinematologists, Episode 35:
Gremlins (plus an interview with Lola Landekic)

Talking Art of the Title, and the aesthetics and meaning of title sequences.
December 16, 2016

Amazing Things! Season 3 Episode 17: Candyman, with Lola Landekic
October 16, 2016

The Colin McEnroe Show: What's in a Title?
WNPR, Betsy Kaplan, October 6, 2015




Radiant Shimmering Light
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by Sarah Selecky
Published 2018 by HarperCollins

Where Did You Sleep Last Night 
by Lynn Crosbie
ISBN 1770899316
Published 2015 by House of Anansi Press


Graphic Design: Now In Production
ISBN 0935640983
Published 2011 by Walker Art Centre


Curvy 2
ISBN 0-9752136-1-X
Published 2005 by Yen Magazine

ISBN 0-9752136-0-1
Published 2004 by Yen Magazine

Worldwide Designers 2007
ISBN 2-9516455-1-1
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